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Home test for the detection of prostate cancer marker

Contents of Package

  • Foil Package (Contains: Test Device and Dropper)
  • Vial of Test Solution
  • Finger Stick Device
  • Alcohol Swab


What is PSA?
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is a protein in your blood secreted by the prostate gland.
How does this test work?
The level of PSA is measured in the blood sample. Elevated levels (greater than 4 ng/ml) may be an important signal of possible prostate disease. This test is designed with a cut-off level of 4 ng/ml.
What do I do if the test indicates a positive result?
This test is meant only as a screen. If you get a positive result, call your doctor and discuss the result. Your doctor may decide to run more tests.
How long do I have to wait to read the results?
The test results must be read at 10 minutes after adding the Test Solution. The results are not valid if they are read after 10 minutes.
What if the lines in the Results Window are not the same color or intensity?
The color or intensity of the lines in the Results Window do not have any significance. If the lines are visible and
unbroken then they can be interpreted as explained above.
What is the purpose of the line in the Control Area?
The line in the Control Area assures you that the test was run correctly. If no line appears in the Control Area then the test is invalid and should be repeated.
What are the performance characteristics of the test?
The test showed an accuracy of 96.2%, specificity of 95.3%, and sensitivity of 97.3% when compared to 161
clinically confirmed samples.