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Tissue test for the detection of occult blood in the stool


You must account for the following items before testing.

  • 5 Test Tissues (inside large pouch)
  • Positive Control
  • Test Result Card


Two days prior to and during the testing period, avoid aspirin containing medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and rectal ointments. If you are taking medication, including prescribed doses of iron, check with your physician before testing. No diet restrictions are required (rare meat and Vitamin C are okay). However, for two days before and during testing, try to eat vegetables, fruits, and cereals.


There are three steps to the HemoActive procedure:
Step 1. Water quality check (one time only).
Step 2. Stool test (3 consecutive bowel movements).
Step 3. Test performance (one time only – positive control is used here).


Q. Why test for water quality?
A. In some regions or on certain days the water may contain substances that interfere with this test and one could get false positive result.
Q. What do I do when the Water Quality Check is positive (blue-green)?
A. Wait 3 days, prepare the toilet as in the “Preparation For The Test” section and redo the test from Step #1, but skip Step #3 since you have one less test tissue. If the water check is again positive, the water in your toilet is unsuitable for this test.
Q. What does it mean when the result of the Test Performance is orange instead of blue-green?
A. The Positive Control powder on the surface of the water is not completely dissolved and causes an overreaction with the test tissue. The overreaction appears as an orange or rust color. In this case the test result is considered “positive”.
Q. Is the stool test “positive” when there is only a small speck of blue-green color on the test area?
A. Yes. Any visible blue-green color in the test area is considered a “positive” result.