Rysunek1Diagnosis S.A.  started its operation in mid 2002. Since the very beginning of its creation, the company’s most important value have been the Customers and the people who create the company. It is the specialist knowledge of our employees, their  experience and interesting ideas they have brought in, that have enabled a  dynamic development of the company, whose key objective is to provide Customers with state-of-the-art products of the highest quality. To achieve this aim, it was necessary to set the path and direction for the future development of the company. Thus, we can say that doing things with our Customers in mind is the path we have chosen, and, as for the direction of development, it’s quite simple: “act, always move ahead”.  What results from such a concept of company’s development is a constant improvement of our products and the introduction of  latest technologies. In this way, we take an active part in medical development, contributing, at the same time, to improving the quality of life of the society we live in.

Our offer is prepared in such a way that every Customer, even the most demanding one, will find there a product of the highest quality meeting their expectations and financial means. The medical products we offer have all the attestations and certificates required on the competitive market of the European Union, which, since 1 May 2004, has also comprised Poland.

A wide spectrum of Diagnosis’s activities give our Customers new opportunities in the area of health prophylaxis. We take pride in that, because nothing is more important in life than taking care of one’s health and keeping in good shape… and we are helping You to do it day by day.  

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