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ABRA Smart BT glucose meter is the latest solution for testing blood glucose levels. The glucose meter accuracy is compliant with the latest international standards (EN ISO 15197: 2015) and provides users with access to new unique features

• Works with Istel Care System, a modern telemedicine solution, which allows a remote medical care of Patients’ health
• Collaborates with Istel Health Application, which allows to store all Patients test results in one place
• ABRA Smart BT automatically lets the user know if the current glucose result is within, below or above personal range limits with the help of Color Range Indicator and the Color od test strip port
• Test strip ejector guarantees hygienic measurement
• Reminds to perform a test after inserting a test strip
• Autocoding – all necessary information is read directly from the test strips
• Possibility of setting individual average results


Temperature 10°C-40°C (50°F-104°F)
Humidity 10-90% RH
Hematocrit 30-55%
Test Sample Capillary Whole Blood from Fingertip, Palm and Forearm
Sample Volume >0.5 μl
Measuring Unit mg/dL or mmol/L
Measuring Range 20-600 mg/dL (1.1-33.3 mmol/L)
Test Time 5 sec
Memory Capacity 300 most recent results
Average 7/14/30 days average results
Power supply 2x AAA batteries
Accuracy <100 mg/dL +/- 15 mg/dL ≥ 100 mg/dL +/- 15 %
Contents Glucose Meter, Lancing Device (1 pc), Sterile Lancets (10 pcs), Test Strips (10 pcs) optionally, Battery, Carrying Case