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Mobile Self-Management Application

Istel Health Mobile Application allows Patients to transfer their test results to the Istel Care System.

Main Application Features:
• Istel Health Mobile Application allows to store Patients test results in one place and monitor their treatment progress
• Bluetooth function allows to transfer your test results from Glucose Meter Abra Smart BT, Thermometer NC 300 BT, Blood Pressure Monitor Cardic 100 BT, Body Composition Analyzer WA-200 BT directly to the Istel Health App
• The glucose meter Abra Smart BT settings can be set from the App, e.g. target ranges of blood glucose measurements, alarms reminding to take a measurement, date and time
• Color Range Indicator facilitates the user’s interpretation of the results
• Intuitive charts help to monitor the treatment
• Clear reports allow quick analysis of the results
• Exporting results to PDF
• Sharing results via: e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

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